Underserved Communities

Starting in 2017 as part-time Medical Director at Thresholds’ substance use treatment program, Dr. Cook became Chief Medical Officer (CMO) in 2022 before expanding his role in community health full-time there in 2023. Dr Cook serves the dual role of CMO at Thresholds Health while seeing patients impacted with HIV and addiction. He has the privilege of working alongside a talented group of primary care providers in the Thresholds Health location.

Dr. Cook has been assisting and serving the underserved communities throughout his medical career: in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, especially treating people of color suffering with drug addiction, and through his work with the LGBTQ community from the beginnings of the HIV epidemic.

“You were not fazed by having challenging, difficult-to-reach patient populations. In fact, I have come to understand that your compass for justice guides you to make working with this population a priority.“

–  Steve Weinstein, M.D., Thresholds Medical Director